LMP® technology is the result of an ambitious research and development program started more than twenty years ago. Made of thin films produced using extrusion techniques perfected by the Bolloré Group, LMP® batteries stand out by their high energy density, safety of use, and performances.

Their full solid architecture gives them many advantages in terms of efficiency and safety: they are not affected by high external temperatures and do not need any air conditioning. In addition they are solvent-free so the risks of local pollution are especially limited in the event of an accident or violation of the battery pack integrity. 

Its cobalt- and nickel-free composition guarantees technology independence from increasingly socially and environmentally critical materials, optimized LCA (life cycle analysis) and improved recyclability.

Since 2011, this technology has proven its reliability and robustness, through the 300 million kilometers traveled by its electric vehicles, electric buses and through its many off-grid and on-grid energy storage facilities.

These batteries are able to satisfy many markets and meet the main challenges of the energy transition. Blue Solutions has intellectual property rights to manufacture and market batteries incorporating LMP® technology.

A complex industrial process, perfected and intellectually protected, ready for a rapid industrialization

The fabrication process for the all-solid-state LMP® batteries’ ultrathin films is based on extrusion. Applying the expertise perfected by the Bolloré Group in producing ultrathin films, the process gives Blue Solutions several advantages for industrial production of the batteries and building capacity.

Blue Solutions is the only industrial manufacturer to master the main elements of the production line of an “all solid” battery with Lithium metal. Some items of equipment in the Blue Solutions production chain for batteries have proved so innovative they have themselves led to patent applications.

A battery designed to protect the environment

The LMP® battery contains no solvent,an advantage for environmental protection, making it easier to recycle. For the user, the absence of solvent limits the risk of gas escape or a thermal event involving the battery pack, even at high heat or high power demand.

The LMP® battery contains no cobalt and no nickel, which facilitates its recycling. The batteries are made from copper, aluminum, lithium, polymers, a lithium salt, iron phosphate and carbon – raw materials with a stable supply guaranteed through natural resources. Innovative patented recycling processes are in place to recover Lithium.

Battery design allying performance with reliability

The battery’s base cell is a sizeable unit with an energy capacity similar to a traditional car’s lead battery. High capacity means the number of units in each battery can be reduced.

This in turn reduces the number of connections needed between the units. By optimizing the size of the units and limiting the number of connections, the cost of the battery has been kept down; but reliability has also increased, especially for on-board applications where environments can be challenging because of vibration or climatic variation.

The internal operating temperature for the LMP® battery is between 60°C and 80°C. The battery’s casing has been very carefully researched and designed to limit the impact of external conditions. So the LMP® battery, with its limited sensitivity to temperature variation (from -20°C to +60°C), gives Blue Solutions a competitive advantage for applications like level-floored electric buses – where the batteries can be mounted on the roof.

R & D on the LMP® battery is continuing to lower its internal operating temperature while increasing its autonomy.