Blue Solutions has been listed on the Paris stock market since 30 October 2013, and brings together all the Bolloré Group’s energy storage activities.

By diversifying its historical activity as a paper and ultra-thin plastic-film producer, the Bolloré Group has moved into the production of electrical components for capacitors and now controls over one-third of the global market. Building on this expertise and after 20 years in R&D, the Group has successfully developed batteries and energy storage solutions based on a unique advanced technology, the LMP® (Lithium Metal Polymer) battery. This all-solid-state technology has many advantages in terms of safety, energy density and performance without being sensitive to the external temperatures.

At a time when energy transition and energy access for all have become major concerns for citizens, smart cities and governments, the Bolloré Group relies on its expertise to design, develop and market complete solutions for the production, storage and intelligent management of electricity.

From this battery the Bolloré Group has developed activities around car sharing, electric vehicles and management of mobility systems through its brand Bluesystems, but also the design and manufacture of electric buses (Bluebus) and marketing energy storage solutions related to the development of renewable energies (Bluestorage).

Blue Solutions has more than 300 researchers, engineers and technicians who manufacture these high technology batteries on two production sites located in France and Canada. Today the annual production capacity is 500 MWh. It could be brought to 1.5 GWh in order to follow the current market dynamic.

These batteries are used in mobile applications especially for electric buses, and also in stationary applications for companies, electric operators, communities and governments to facilitate the integration of renewable energies or to allow 1.2 billion people access to energy they are deprived of today.

Blue Solutions has a unique integrator position, with both batteries and complete solutions to meet the new energy challenges of today and tomorrow’s world.