Blue Solutions, listed on the stock exchange since 30 October 2013, is the umbrella company for the Bolloré Group’s electricity storage activities.

Diversifying from its historic activity manufacturing paper and ultrathin plastic films, the Bolloré Group has become a producer of complete electrical components for capacitors, and now holds over a third of the global market. Building on this expertise and following 20 years of R&D, the Group has perfected batteries and electrical storage solutions based on unique LMP® (Lithium Metal Polymer) and supercapacitor technology.

In an era when sustainable development and electricity storage issues have become major challenges for citizens, cities and states, the Bolloré Group is using this expertise to develop solutions for the storage and smart management of electricity.

Blue Solutions currently has a staff of more than 300 scientists, engineers and technicians who manufacture these high technology batteries at two sites, in Brittany in France and in Canada. Annual production capacity has now reached 300 MWh, the equivalent of 10,000 30 kWh batteries. By 2019-2020 this will reach 1 GWh, the equivalent of 32,500 30 kWh batteries.

These batteries are used in mobile (electric vehicles) and stationary applications (electricity storage for individuals, companies, local authorities and so on) that are developed and commercialised by other Group entities. These are grouped within Blue Applications and have seen rapid growth on every continent since 2011.

Together, Blue Solutions and Blue Applications expect to benefit from unique positioning as integrators, with access both to batteries and complete solutions for meeting new needs associated with energy transition.