In 2001, on the basis of encouraging results achieved through its R&D program, the Bolloré Group decided to industrialise its activities in this field with the construction of an initial plant at its Pern-Carn site, located in Ergué-Gabéric, near Quimper.

In 2009, with the viability of the technology fully demonstrated, a production line was laid out at the site.

At the same time a supercapacitor production plant was established at Bolloré’s Odet site, also located in Ergué-Gabéric.

In 2010 the first stone of the new battery plant,  which at full capacity will be able to produce over 500 MWh, was laid.

In 2013 the Bolloré Group continued to increase its industrial capacity in battery production, with the inauguration of the new factory in Brittany at the Pern-Carn site, and the ongoing extension of a Canadian plant that is part of the program.


Blue Solutions now has a production capacity of 300 MWh (the equivalent of 10,000 30 kWh batteries), which will be expanded to around 1 GWh by 2019-2020.

In january 2015, Vincent Bolloré, Chairman and CEO of the Bolloré Group, inaugurated a new factory at the Blue Solutions site in Ergué-Gabéric, Brittany, which produces the 6-meter Bluebus and the Bluetram, a new supercapacitor equipped tram that needs neither rails nor overhead cables.

There are two models, the 6 metre Bluetram, which was delivered in 2015, and the 12 metre version, to be delivered in 2017. This new project was announced by the Group in March 2014.

The Bluetram production line, with its first section launched on 16 January 2015, represents an investment of €10 million and an annual production capacity of 100 Bluetrams.

It has led to the recruitment of 50 staff and the creation of 50 additional jobs at Blue Solutions, in Odet, to produce the supercapacitors.

SHEMA_B_1645x528 - capacite_de_prod

On Friday 15 January 2016, at the Blue Solutions site in Ergué-Gabéric, the Bolloré Group inaugurated the Bluebus plant, which produce a 100% electric “full-scale” bus, the first of which was delivered to RATP in 2017.

Bluebus is made in France, in Ergué-Gabéric, France, in the ISO 9001 V 2015 certified Bluebus factory.

There are already 2 Blue Solutions plants at the site, one producing LMP® (Lithium Metal Polymer) batteries, the other, inaugurated just a year ago, developing the 100% electric Bluetram, which runs without rails or overhead cables.

Construction of this new 5000 m² plant, together with the research and development work that went into designing the 12 metre bus, represent an investment of €40 million in 2015-16.

Production began on 21 December 2015 and annual capacity will reach 200 Bluebuses in a two team configuration. This new plant will in due course deliver 150 new jobs dedicated to the manufacture of the 12 metre Bluebus.

Bluebus12M-8 retouche 2