Blue Solutions is an acknowledged specialist in energy storage and aims to become a world leader in energy management and storage solutions.

Together, Blue Solutions and Blue Applications expect to benefit from unique positioning as integrators, with access both to batteries and complete solutions for meeting new needs associated with energy transition.

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In the field of mobility, the success of the Autolib’ model in the Paris region has been repeated in other major international cities. As a result, Blue Solutions ranks as a global leader in the field of large scale one-way car-sharing with electric vehicles.

In 2017, the Bolloré Group had eight car-sharing services in Europe (Autolib in Paris, Bluely in Lyon, Bluecub Bordeaux and Bluetorino in Turin), the US (Blueindy in Indianapolis and BlueLA in Los Angeles) and, for the first time, in Asia (BlueSG in Singapore).

At the same time, LMP® batteries are used on a wide range of electric vehicles driven by consumers, companies and municipalities, sold by Blue Applications: Bluecar, Bluesummer, Bluebus, etc.

Moreover, supercapacitors – another electricity storage medium – are primarily used in the development of clean public transport, such as the Bluetram.

In the field of stationary applications, Blue Solutions and Blue Applications are keen to develop new high-growth opportunities to make networks more secure, integrate renewable energies and provide access to energy in non-connected areas. As a result of its global presence, the Bolloré Group is able to rapidly develop its stationary solutions, particularly in Africa (Guinea, Togo, Niger, Benin, Côte d’Ivoire, and Cameroon).