• AMÉRIQUE ÉTATS-UNIS : Carsharing : Indianapolis, Los Angeles


    BENIGN: Bluezone: Cotonou // Canal Olympia: Cotonou

    BURKINA : Canal Olympia: Ouagadougou – Brazzaville

    CAMEROUN :  Self-powered transport solutions: Yaoundé // Canal Olympia: Yaoundé – Douala

    CONGO: Canal Olympia: Pointe Noir – Oyo

    IVORY COAST: Self-powered transport solutions: Abidjan

    GABON: Canal Olympia: Port-Gentil

    GUINEA : Bluezone: Kaloum, Dixxin // Canal Olympia: Conakry

    MADAGASCAR: Canal Olympia: Tananarive

    NIGER: Bluezone: Niamey, Dosso // Canal Olympia: Niamey

    NIGERIA: Canal Olympia: Abuja, Lagos

    TOGO: Bluezone: Cacavelie // Canal Olympia: Lomé

    SENEGAL: Canal Olympia: Dakar


    FRANCE: Carsharing: Bordeaux, Lyon, Paris / Bluebus : + than 36 municipalites

    SPAIN:   Bluebus: Gijon, Valladoid

    GERMANY: Bluebus: Dresde, Angsborg

    LUXEMBOURG:  Bluebus: Luxembourg

    SWITZERLAND: Bluebus: Zurich

    ITALY: Bluebus: Rome

    POLAND: Bluebus: Poznan

    ROMANIA:  Bluebus: Baracresti, Craiova

    UNITED KINGDOM: Self-powered transport solutions: London

  • ASIE

    CAMBODGE : Self-powered transport solutions: Angkor


Blue Solutions batteries are used in mobile and stationary energy storage applications. These applications are developed and marketed by Blue Applications, a cluster of companies within the Bolloré Group.

Blue Applications offers solutions in the form of services and products.

There are many such applications, which have developed rapidly since 2011 in Europe and Africa, as well as in the USA and Asia.