Polyconseil was founded in 1989 with the aim of creating a team of experts that was passionate about new digital technologies; a team to guide public and private stakeholders in building their offers and infrastructures, in implementing robust processes, and in taking control of data. Today the consultant team numbers over 100, with a reputation built on its experience of managing complex projects and its 80 top-flight engineers in telecoms, “M2M” (mobile to mobile) technologies, and electrical power oversight and management.

Polyconseil proposes a full digital transformation offer for CAC 40 index companies, and works alongside governments and local authorities to build the cities of tomorrow.

Specialising in new technologies and digital applications, Polyconseil guides its public and private partners in addressing such questions as smart mobility, Smart Grid power networks, digital urban planning, innovative services for local authorities, on-board connectivity and communicating vehicles.

For the Autolib’ scheme, Polyconseil steered the entire project of creating the carsharing operator. Since the public launch of the service, Polyconseil has been participating in the development of Autolib’ and other carsharing services offered by Blue Solutions: Bluely in Lyon, Bluecub in Bordeaux and Blueindy in the United States. The company’s technology choices are directed towards becoming a leader in smart mobility.

Polyconseil is also heavily involved in developing Blue Solutions’ and Blue Applications’ activities. In particular it is responsible for the creation of Bluelec, an integrated energy operator and supplier of innovative energy management solutions.

Applying its expertise in strategic and economic studies, its close understanding of energy challenges in France, Europe and around the world, and its knowledge of the regulatory framework in the various countries, Polyconseil is working with Blue Solutions on:

– Identifying strategic opportunities to create value with its electricity storage capabilities in these different markets;

– Drawing a road-map to becoming the unquestioned leader for energy storage and management, and for integrating renewables;

– Designing its value offer for individuals, companies, energy producers and local authorities.

Polyconseil’s other areas of expertise are telecoms, media strategy and emerging markets.