Bluestorage develops a full range of energy storage solutions, ranging from several kWh to multiple MWh of energy stored, aimed at varied end customers, both stakeholders in electricity networks and electricity consumers (companies and individuals).

For companies and individuals, Bluestorage has developed solutions to mitigate instability in the grid (power cuts) and improve energy consumption management.

Bluestorage solutions for power grid stakeholders will in particular help improve economic performance of solar and wind farms, by aligning electricity generation with peak consumption. Bluestorage is also developing solutions to improve integration of renewable energies into the grid, providing frequency regulation services and building further capacity and reliability into power networks.

The Bolloré Group has gone into partnership with the Compagnie Nationale du Rhône (a power company that uses 100% renewable energy resources) to equip one of its solar generating stations (Bollène in the Vaucluse region) with electricity storage to improve performance (power and current quality).

Bluestorage has created Bluelec to develop and operate these energy storage solutions. Bluelec’s main markets are industrial load shedding and diffuse load shedding.

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