Blue Solutions develops a range of energy storage solutions to meet challenges of the energy transition, by supporting the development of renewable energies or the access to energy in areas lacking electricity. Our storage solutions integrate our own technology of batteries Lithium Metal Polymère (LMP) which is characterized by its security and its performances.



Why energy storage solutions?

For energy producers and operators of electric grids, energy storage helps to tackle the intermittency of renewables and allows innovative ways to balance the grid:

– Smoothing of the intermittency and shifting of the overproduction

– Service system to allow more flexibility thanks to immediate energy reserve

For isolated off-grid areas, energy storage allows to power facilities at any time of the day:

– Rural Electrification with solar energy and storage solutions

– Hybrid power system for isolated industries to offer independence from diesel prices

Wide range of product and services available around the world

Blue Solutions designs and manufactures energy storage solutions in our factories in France and Canada. These solutions, fitted in 10’ feet containers, can be installed in hot and isolated areas, thanks to the LMP® technology.

Thanks to a dedicated team to stationary applications and a control of the whole value chain, Blue Solutions offers tailor made solutions with modular product according to the needs of our clients.

Our international team are equipped to lead to the success of our client. Our services range from the sizing of our solutions, the integration of an adapted Energy Management System (EMS), the logistics, installation on site and maintenance.


LMP® technology: key strength for stationary applications



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