Building on the success of its new technology in the mobility sector, the Bolloré Group has chosen to take a global lead in investing on the African continent – where the energy divide is a real obstacle to development – deploying stationary applications based around the LMP® battery.

This was how the first ten Bluezones came into being, in Guinea, Togo, Niger, and Cotonou in Benin.

With energy generated by photovoltaic panels (360 m2) and stored in containers of LMP® batteries (180 kWh), hectares of land with no access to the power grid can be lit and provided with clean drinking water and internet access. These new spaces contribute to economic, cultural and sports development.

The Bluezone provides a raft of services focused on improving the well-being of local populations and contributes to accelerating development.



These projects demonstrate the relevance of a combination of solar power and electricity storage for countries with limited infrastructure capacity for generating and distributing electricity.

Wherever Bluezones are created, the Bolloré Group proposes services that are designed entirely around meeting the needs of the local population.