The Bolloré Group develops, manufactures and markets a range of electric vehicles using its LMP® batteries: a range of electric cars, Bluecars, a bus, a tram and a boat currently at the prototype stage.

With bodywork by Pininfarina, Bluecars are now produced in Italy. An industrial cooperation agreement with the Renault Group means that since 2015 Bluecars have also been assembled at Renault’s Dieppe facility in France, considerably increasing production capacity for these electric city cars. A new three seater electric car, designed jointly by the Bolloré and Renault Groups, may soon be added to the Bluecar range.

100% electric buses, following the acquisition of the Gruau microbus company, are made in Laval (France) by the Bluebus company.

At its historic site in Brittany, the Bolloré Group also builds the Bluetram, fitted with its other electricity storage component: supercapacitors.

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