Bluecar® develops, produces and sells electric cars that run on LMP® batteries.

In 2007, the Bolloré Group joined forces with famous Turin-based coachbuilder Pininfarina, a company whose name is synonymous with excellence in automotive design, to produce its first concept car, the “B0” model of the Bluecar®. The current version of the Bluecar® is strongly influenced by this first design, with modifications to make it suitable for mass production.

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The Bluecar® is a clean vehicle, 100 % electric, reliable and silent. Bluecar® has developed power electronics designed around the LMP® battery to obtain the best possible output from the engine. Every effort has been made, in designing the body and chassis of the car, to work with the constraints associated with using a battery as the energy reservoir for traction:

– The position of the battery, between the two axles and under the seats, provides optimum weight distribution and excellent road-holding for safety;

– The chassis is built from steel and aluminium, delivering Bluecar®  lightness alongside maximum rigidity;

– The Bluecar® bodywork is entirely aluminium, enabling it to keep the car’s weight down to 1,120 kg including the 300 kg LMP® battery.

The combination of these innovations in the Bluecar®’s design has resulted in a very impressive range for a 4-seater electric city car: 250 kilometres under normal urban driving conditions.

Since June 2015 the Bluecar range is produced at Renault’s Dieppe facility, following a co-manufacturing agreement between the Renault and Bolloré groups, with some models still coming from the Pininfarina plant in Turin.

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