Bluebus develops clean public transport solutions, for urban and semi-urban use, using LMP® batteries :

The 6-meter Bluebus has the highest on-board energy storage of any electric bus in its category on the market, thanks to its pack of three LMP® batteries installed on the bus roof, which give it a range of over 120 kilometers (needed for a full day’s  operation). Its efficiency is further enhanced through the use of systems that recover energy during deceleration, allowing the vehicle to recharge while in operation. The features of the Bluebus and its on-board technology, allowing for the installation of the LMP® batteries on the roof, improve the vehicle’s safety and ensure easy accessibility for people with reduced mobility thanks to its low and level floor. Compact and comfortable, but also bright and spacious, it has room for about 20 passengers and can easily negotiate narrow streets in city centers. It is already in use as part of public transit systems in quite a variety of places: Tours, Reunion Island, Rambouillet, Laval, Luxembourg, Bayonne and Tarbes; but also at corporate and research sites, including CEA in Grenoble, BE-Green and, and provides the shuttle services for Fondation Louis Vuitton and Canal+. It is also listed with the French central procurement organizations UGAP and AGIR.

The 12-meter Bluebus is a clean, sustainable public transit solution for urban areas with capacity for 100 passengers. An all-electric vehicle, it is equipped with LMP® batteries, giving it a range of between 180 and 250 kilometers. It shares the same features as the 6-meter Bluebus: energy recovery during deceleration, roof-mounted batteries and easy accessibility for people with reduced mobility. The larger Bluebus is produced at Blue Solutions’ Ergué-Gabéric site in Brittany. The new plant dedicated to this bus, representing an investment of €40 million, opened officially on January 15, 2016, with an annual production capacity of 200 12-meter Bluebus. RATP, the Paris public transit operator, selected the Bluebus to pilot test its first all-electric bus route, launched in May 2016 at the Place Charles de Gaulle with Paris Regional Council President Valérie Pécresse, RATP CEO Elisabeth Borne and Vincent Bolloré in attendance. This bus line (#341), which connects Clignancourt to the Place Charles de Gaulle – Étoile, is Paris’ first all-electric line set up as part of the Bus 2025 project launched by RATP in 2014. RATP has joined forces with Blue Solutions to add 23 12-meter Bluebus to its fleet. In late 2016, RATP ordered 20 additional 12-meter Bluebus, ten of which will be equipped to enable recharging at stops along its route using an inverted pantograph (an articulated rod that recharges the bus via the roof).

In February 2017, Bluebus and Rennes Métropole officially announced their innovation partnership to the press aiming to the optimisation of the 12-meter Bluebus (with a 100% electric heating system) and the development of an 18-meter articulated electric bus.

In October 2017, Bluebus won a call for tender from the Brussels public transport operator (Société des Transports Intercommunaux de Bruxelles or STIB). As a result, it will supply at least five 12-metre Bluebuses for the Belgian capital.



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For more information see our brochure for the 6-meter and the 12-meter Bluebus