BLUELIB – Quality infrastructure for all and everywhere


The Bolloré Group will install and operate a network of charging points located throughout France, which will be able to recharge all types of electric vehicles.

Users will have access to a high-quality service that lets them locate a vehicle, reserve a charging point and obtain 24/7 customer service.

The exact locations of the charging points will be determined together with local authorities and project sponsors to ensure a coherent approach with any existing or future projects.







Transport for London chose the Bolloré Group to oversee development of electric vehicles in London and take on the management of 1,400 charging points. The Bolloré Group is running the computerised management solution connecting all charging points to a central control system, is setting up a call centre for subscribers to book their spaces and receive 24/7 support, and is developing a website and mobile applications to geolocate the charging points.
The Group will then develop an Autolib’ style carsharing service putting an initial 50 cars on the streets with an additional 100 dedicated charging points.