Since the launch of the service on 5 December 2011, Autolib’ has been offering commuters in the Paris region a new form of transport, the only one of its kind in the world, which is already revolutionising the way they travel.

The Autolib’ service lost no time taking its place in the Paris landscape, very quickly winning over a large number of users.

100% electric, economical and practical, Autolib’ has firmly established itself as an alternative to traditional public and private transport options.

Available in Paris and 100 municipalities within the Paris region, Autolib’ is a user-oriented community service that is entirely designed around the well-being of the passenger. Effective, user-friendly, practical and affordable, the service offers all its users an innovative transport solution.


Autolib’ provides a flexible and affordable carsharing service, equally suitable for regular or occasional users thanks to its varied subscription offers.

In the space of six years, Autolib’ soon found its place within the Paris landscape, very quickly winning over a large number of users with its point-to-point solution and the option of reserving a car via their smartphones before leaving a current location or before arriving in the Paris region.


As part of the environmentally responsible approach it has taken since it was launched, Autolib’ has signed up for Direct Énergie’s green power offer, certifying that an amount of renewable energy equivalent to its annual power consumption will be injected into the grid.




Utilib’ gives professionals and Premium subscribers access to nearly 300 utility vehicles at self-service locations, either directly or by reservation (24 hours a day, 7 days a week).

Utilib’ was designed with professionals in mind to meet the needs of a variety of different businesses and sectors (such as home services, courier services, plumbers and maintenance technicians) in making their daily rounds.

The Utilib’ service offers self-service access to the Blueutility, the utility version of the Bluecar, with its 900 litres of load space. A grill separates the rear from the two front seat, as in a traditional utility vehicle. At a compact 3.65 metres long and 1.70 metres wide, the Blueutility combines comfort and safety with practicality and good looks in a two-seater with a 255 Kg payload.











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